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Solution type

Whole blood, culture cells, animal tissue, plant tissue, yeast, bacteria

No toxic chemicals, no phenol or other organic chemicals; no hazardous disposal

A260/280 ratio is > 1.8


High yields of DNA

Economical Kits

























Nucleogen Genomic DNA Isolation, Flexible Kit come complete and ready to use, providing the components and procedures necessary for purifying DNA from a variety of sample types. The simple purification procedure is performed in a single tube, which reduces costs and simplifies handling. The purified DNA performs well in sensitive downstream applications.































100 Isolation … 1521

500 Isolation … 1525

10 ml x 100 Isolation


























The Nucleogen Genomic DNA Isolation, Flexible Kit uses a modified-salt precipitation method to purify genomic, mitochondrial or viral DNA from various biological and environmental specimens including whole blood, buffy coat, cultured cells, body fluids, animal or plant tissue and microbes.


DNA is purified from cells such as white blood cells, animal tissue, cells contained in body fluids, or microbes, by first lysing the cells with an anionic detergent in the presence of a DNA stabilizer. The DNA stabilizer works by limiting the activity of DNases that are contained in the cell and elsewhere in the environment. Contaminating RNA is then removed by treatment with an RNA-digesting enzyme. Other contaminants such as proteins are removed by salt precipitation. Finally, the genomic DNA is recovered by precipitation with alcohol and re-hydrated in a buffered solution containing a DNA stabilizer.


DNA purified using the Nucleogen Genomic DNA Isolation, Flexible system is sized up to 50 kb, with fragments of 30 kb predominating.

Automated fluorescent sequencing, including capillary sequencing
Radioactive sequencing
Southern blotting
Viral diagnostics
Bacterial diagnostics
Fungal diagnostics
HLA typing
Cancer research
Human genetic testing
Paternity testing
Forensic analysis






























Kit Contents

RBC Lysis Solution, Cell Lysis Solution, Protein Precipitation Solution, DNA Hydration Solution, Elution Buffer