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Spin and Vacuum column type

No specific equipment is required

Provied high yields of DNA and even from small amounts of cells

No organic extraction

No EtOH precipitation































The Nucleogen Apoptotic DNA Ladder Kit is designed for rapid apoptotic DNA fragments isolation for DNA ladder analysis. The purification method outlined in the kit is much faster than other DNA purification methods (e.g., phenol/chloroform extraction, DNA precipitation).
































50 preps … 2505


























Apoptotic DNA binds quickly to glass fiber fleece in the presence of a chaotropic salt. After cellular impurities are washed off the fleece, the DNA is released from the fleece with a low salt buffer.


Blood or cell lysis is accomplished by incubation the sample with the special NL/NCL Solution. The sample is centrifuged through a column containing a glass fiber fleece. In the NL/NCL Solution, nucleic acids quickly and preferentially bind to the surface of the glass fibers. The Washing Solution rinses away salts, proteins and other cellular debris. DNA is subsequently collected with a centrifugation step with elution buffer.


The Nucleogen Apoptotic DNA Ladder Kit provides rapid isolation of DNA, which can be analyzed and characterized by gel electrophoresis, for the determination of cell death that is apoptotic.

























 1        2        3        4


2,4 lane : with CAM
1 lane : whithout CAM
3 lane : marker




Kit Contents


Mini-columns, Collection Tubes, Buffer NL, Buffer NCL, Wash C Solution, Elution Buffer, Proteinase K