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Convenient and safe handling at room temperature: No need for liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Archiving of tissue samples without risk of RNA degradation, even after multiple freeze-than cycles.

Immediate RNA stabilization and protection to ensure relieable gene expression and gene-profiling data.






























Nucleogen RNA Stabiliztion Reagent (RNAkeeper) is an aqueous, non-toxic tissue storage reagent that rapidly permeates tissue to stabilize and protect cellular RNA in situ in unfrozen specimens.































Tube (50 x 1.5 ml)  … 3502

Tube (20 x 5 ml)  … 3205

100 ml  … 3100

250 ml  … 3250


























Once a biological sample is harvested, its RNA becomes extremely unstable. Immediate stabilization of the RNA and preservation of the RNA expression pattern is a prerequisite for accurate gene expression analysis. Gene induction or down-regulation triggered by sample manipulation must also be prevented.

The innovative, aqueous Nucleogen RNA Stabilization Reagent (RNAkeeper) quickly permeates tissues, stabilizing and protecting the RNA expression pattern. Immediate protection with Nucleogen RNA Stabilization technology ensures that downstream analyses truly reflect the expression profile of the intact tissues. Samples can be archived without risk of RNA degradation, even after multiple freeze–thaw cycles.


For RNA protection and sample storage, tissue samples are submerged in an appropriate volume of Nucleogen RNA Stabilization Reagent immediately after harvesting. The RNAkeeper preserves RNA for up to 1 day at 37°C, 7 days at 18–25°C, or 4 weeks at 2–8°C, allowing processing, transportation, storage, and shipping of samples without liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Alternatively, the samples can also be placed at –20°C or –80°C for archival storage.


Animal tissues stabilized in Nucleogen RNA Stabilization Reagent (RNAkeeper) can be used for total RNA isolation.

























  A.     Lung       Liver       Kidney      B.    Spleen     Brain
          +    -       +    -       +    -                +    -       +    -



Total RNA isolated from rat tissues stored in Nucleogen RNA Stabilization Reagent (RNAkeeper).
A : 37°C for 1 day          B : RT for 1 week
+ lane : RNA was isolated from sample stored in Nucleogen Stabilization Reagent
- lane : RNA was isolated from sample standard procedures.